Questions and Answers



Are the holidays on an island?

No, the holidays are based at Ellwood Cottages in the hamlet of Woolland near Blandford

How much will my holiday cost?

The holidays are subsidised through the efforts of the volunteer fund raisers and therefore cost only £250.00 per guest per week all inclusive. Please ask us if this is a problem.

Do I qualify for a Green Island Holiday Trust holiday?

The holidays are available to anyone who has a disability with priority given to those who live in Dorset and Hampshire.

Will my disability be suitable for a Green Island Holiday Trust holiday?

We are willing to consider most disabilities.  Our Coordinator will visit you to discuss your care needs once you have filled in a booking form.

Will applications from groups be considered?


How many other guests will be in the group with me?

A small number.  We usually have 3 to 5 holidaymakers

How many volunteer carers will be looking after me?

Our volunteer teams are usually between 5 and 7 people

How long are the holidays?

They start on Saturday and finish the following Friday morning.

Do I have to provide my own transport to get to and from Ellwood Cottages?

Yes as unfortunately we don’t have our own transport. Please ask if you have a problem.

Is there anything to do while I am on holiday?

Yes lots. We organise many activities which and outings during your stay.

What is the accommodation like?

You will be staying in one of three adjacent cottages.  All cottages are fully accessible.