Our volunteers are our most valuable asset. We have a dedicated group of regulars some of whom have volunteered on our holidays for many years. They include those with nursing qualifications enabling us to provide specialist care and support if required. Whilst some volunteers participate in a holiday for a whole week, others help with specific activities for shorter periods; this could be leading an evening of musical entertainment, helping out with catering, or organising an art and craft session.

We are always looking for new volunteers who are prepared to give up a week of their time; these volunteers work very hard for the reward of knowing that they are making a huge difference to the lives of our disabled guests whilst giving respite for their day to day carers. They need to be fun loving and happy to work in a close knit hands on team. The responsibility of caring for a group of people 24/7 is considerable, especially if guests have complex needs, but the emphasis of the holidays is enjoyment and fun for all amidst the hard work. No previous experience is necessary for new recruits as support and training are readily available. However, a good sense of humour is essential !

We are always keen to hear from others who cannot commit for a whole week but who may be interested in volunteering to cook for a day or run a daytime or evening activity.

If you are interesting in volunteering you can download a Volunteer Application Form from the information page